Vitorlázás, hajóbérlés, vitorlás oktatás, vitorlás tanfolyam

Yacht Charter, Boat Rental

Hajóbérlés, vitorlás bérlés

Our base harbour is in Balatonfüred at main pier MAHART. Board and return between 8 AM. – 6 PM. Overtime is available for special request. All of our boats are in very good shape. They have all inquired equipment for safe and pleasant sailing.

Special offers: Special Balaton Pilot, Binocular, Free entry card for MAHART Harbour Chain around the lake.


Sailing school

Vitorlás oktatás, vitorlás iskola

At our Balatonfüred sailing school we offer many courses to suit beginners through to those at an advanced level. We guarantee that our courses will increase and refine any sailor’s knowledge and skill.

Our Aquila, Balaton 25 and Balaton 295 boats are well equipped, easy to handle and safe.


Boat building and repair

Hajójavítás, hajógyártás

  • Boat building
  • Boat repair
  • Maintenance, and service


Sales, Boat offers

ladó hajók, hajóértékesítés

  • New boat sale
  • Used boat sell
  • Boat guarantee

Boat offers

Vega Yachtsport, Hungary – Sailing, Balatonfüred

Our company, Vega Sport Yacht Ltd was founded in 1992 and have produced more than 200 sailing boats. After refining the popular Balaton 25 we then developed a new model, the Balaton 295.

Our employees are all experienced and highly qualified professionals. Precise work, modern equipment and the best materials together guarantee compliance with EU standards and high quality standards. Our manufacturing technology provides the opportunity for customisation. Our suppliers are selected leading companies among professional manufacturers.
In addition to distribution of new boats, we also have used boats for sale. Our boats are provided with all necessary technical information. In our sailing school we have highly qualified, Hungarian Champion sailing instructors. We offer beginners and exam preparation courses, and our racing and advanced courses are also very popular.

Our fleet offers one of the best ranges of late model yachts available for hire on Lake Balaton, ensuring an extremely safe and pleasant sailing experience.

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