Vitorlázás, hajóbérlés, vitorlás oktatás, vitorlás tanfolyam

Yacht Charter, Boat Rental

Hajóbérlés, vitorlás bérlés

Our base harbour is in Balatonfüred at main pier MAHART. Board and return between 8 AM. – 6 PM. Overtime is available for special request. All of our boats are in very good shape. They have all inquired equipment for safe and pleasant sailing.

Special offers: Special Balaton Pilot, Binocular, Free entry card for MAHART Harbour Chain around the lake.


Sailing school

Vitorlás oktatás, vitorlás iskola

Our school offers sailing courses for all skill levels from beginners through advanced. We guarantee that regardless of your present skill level or the type of boat you prefer, your training with us will improve your performance as a sailor. Attending our course will teach you more about sailing than any other sailing school in the country.


Boat building and repair

Hajójavítás, hajógyártás

  • Boat building
  • Boat repair
  • Boat maintenance


Sales, Boat offers

ladó hajók, hajóértékesítés

  • New boats for sale
  • Used boats
  • Boat guarantee

Boat offers

Sailing, Vega Yachtsport, Hungary – Balatonfüred

The Vega Yachtsport is a company with a complete range of sailing services. Sailing courses, skipper training, yacht charter, trading, boat building and repair. Additionally we give support with technical advice and sharing our experience. We are located in Balatonfüred and also in Budapest. The Vega Yachtsport was founded in 1992.

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